Anyone here with and can report some experiences? Bonus points if and/or is used...

Neue Hardware ist geil. installation ... 26MB/s download. Deutschland halt. Jetzt also zwei Stunden downloads und dann ist das Device voll installiert...

Why do I dislike ?

Because it brings nothing new to the table. on the other hand, does!

Does someone from the and community know a way to replace KDE packages with own builds?

Is it as simple as importing the overwritten packages or do I have to overwrite a module somehow?

Ich überlege (schon wieder!) ob ich einen starte. Mehr oder weniger ein "Lautes Denken über <Thema>" als ein echter Podcast.

Was denkt ihr? Wäre dann in Deutsch. Keine Ahnung ob ich das nächste Jahr schaffe, aber wär n guter Vorsatz. Will das dann aber relativ low-barrier machen: Aufnahme wenig nachbearbeiten wenn Quali passt, höchstens Husten rausschneiden oder so.

Frage wäre dann noch, wo veröffentlichen? wäre ja meine Idee, aber selfhosted wird schwierig (kein Modul).

I am going to package this for tomorrow and then do a test installation for myself. It really looks promising!

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21.11 with 5.23

UUUUUH I might upgrade sooner than before... I always waited for at least one month before upgrading between nixos stable versions because I like things working (yes, it is still a thing in a "stable" distribution that things break right after the release... sad but true). But this time I might upgrade sooner.

Can someone please tell me why my server pulls , , ... when installing as a server?

Why is there still no simple way to use a remote machine to compile a package with ?

Another option would be a thin-client notebook with mobile networking plus a big(gish) VPS in "the cloud"... that might be a valuable option, too. Battery life would then be a really important factor, and that mobile networking MUST work on

Also: Data plans that are good in all EU countries (with germany being the issue here because internet speeds in germany, right?)

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If you could choose a new right now, what would you choose?

Boundary conditions:

* No numpad (which limits to 14" normally)
* Can run Linux ( in my case) with KDE Plasma
* (IT-)Work Device, no gaming. 32G RAM minimum, I guess, 500G+ SSD, maybe more.
* LAN port
* At least 2 USB ports (external Keyboard, Mouse, etc)
* Headphone Jack

Price doesn't matter as long as it is below 1.5k€.

Reason for the question: I might get a new work device in Jan22.
Looking forward to your ideas!

retoot ✅ 🙏

I am currently playing with on with for building images with a application.

That ecosystem is awesome! 😄

Did my first contributions to an codebase this morning (in the ecosystem for the nixos-search repository).

The experience was quite nice, especially because I could spin up a dev instance with `nix-shell --run "yarn dev"` and did not have to think about it! 😆

Just learned you, @davidak are allowed to use on at your workplace.

May I ask whom you work for? 😆

Going for a hike with @michael and @lschuermann today.

That will be nice and with a lot of and talk, I guess 😄

If the thing really takes off (and I can actually test it on ), my next phone will be a non-android but a real ... Hopefully a but a would also be cool (after all, I can still install on it...)

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