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Ich kann berichten: auf einem mit 16 GB RAM und 256GB SSD, mit dem i5-Prozessor dens damals für das Thinkpad gab:


Fettes 👍 an die Leute von KDE Plasma, ihr habts wirklich drauf!

I would also love to write a app myself, in of course... But I do not yet have an idea what would be missing from the ecosystem.

I would absolutely love to contribute to software, but I fail to find the door.

I already have an idea, even! A small feature for the kmail application.

It is absolutely amazing what the people managed to build.

users vs users

Two kittens fighting, with one flying towards the other, attacking. The other waits with open arms, ready to start the fight.

You can see that the fight will be long and cute and with a lot of love for eachother 😄

I guess I'm here to stay.

does not yet work with my mailbox, and it seems that kmail does not work with notmuch and also not with muchsync...

That would be the last *HOLY SHIT* thing I would love to have!

Although does still not separate state from config in their configuration files.

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How cool would it be if the suite could work with and

I guess I would switch instantly.

is the best ... but as long as they do not fix the "ungitable config files because of state in config"-issue, I won't be using it.

with - does anyone run it this way?

Does it work nicely?

Because I'm once again thinking... about switching to xfce on all my devices.

Double the size of RAM on the VM, suddenly is (rather) responsive.

What did they say about in the past years? 😄

Sometimes I think about switching from a pro () to a normal distribution like or ... with ... because I don't want to have to configure my DE at all, I just want it to work and look and perform nice.

But then again, I'd be having open a lot of terminals anyways, using for email and for development... so there's really no point in driving a full-blown

Sometimes I wish that the story on would be better, so that I could run a nice instead of (which is still my favourite though).

Maybe I will go back to for my workstation at some point, though.

So, jetzt probiere ich also nocheinmal

Bis jetzt performed es auf meinem Laptop echt gut, evtl liegt es wirklich an meiner Workstation dass es nicht so gut performed.

Does someone in here use on on ?

If yes, please talk to me!

My installation is laggy sometimes. Like... Krunner takes 3-4 seconds to open or smth like that.

Are there some knobs I could turn for possible improvements?

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