Anyone here with and can report some experiences? Bonus points if and/or is used...

(or not so much?) fundraiser for to pay two or three ++ devs to work fulltime for one year on the akonadi infrastructure (only) so that we get the worlds best suite.

Yes, I have crazy dreams sometimes...

Does any of you people out there have experience with support in KDE? 5.23 (the anniversary edition) claims full wayland support, but how does it work with external screens, window positions and (especially) screen sharing tools like jitsi, zoom (ugh, closed source, I know) and others?

21.11 with 5.23

UUUUUH I might upgrade sooner than before... I always waited for at least one month before upgrading between nixos stable versions because I like things working (yes, it is still a thing in a "stable" distribution that things break right after the release... sad but true). But this time I might upgrade sooner.

From time to time, crashes. I don't know why. It happens twice a year maybe...

Yesterday someone told me, as I'm now a @kde fanboy, I am expected to show up in a shirt.

I am tempted, honestly!

has a plugin, that is really cool... but the plugin is not yet as usable as I'd like it to be.

I just enabled baloo and agressively added excludes.

We'll see how that works out

Wenn ich Mal groß bin, will ich ein Pinephone mit einem vollintegrierten welches sich komplett in mein system integriert.

Man darf träumen, oder?

If the thing really takes off (and I can actually test it on ), my next phone will be a non-android but a real ... Hopefully a but a would also be cool (after all, I can still install on it...)

Lol, jetzt sehe ich das erste mal ein Screenshot von 11 auf und ... ja, das sieht aus wie ein

Vielleicht ist es das sogar unten drunter? Ich mein, den schraubt ja auch schon drunter!

The new 5.22 update looks promising.

I have an uptime of three months on my device now and I am not willing to reboot just yet, but I am looking forward. Especially because that means rebooting to a new version as well.

plasma-pass usage results in high CPU usage and the tool actually is a bit laggy.

Hm. It is an improvement over krunner-pass, but less usable and makes my notebook sweat.

Using with theme and as prompt. Lets see whether I like it in the long run.

Let me try this yakuake dropdown terminal. For now, it seems to be cool

People used to complain about using too much memory.

Well, right now, X uses 940MB of virtual memory on my system, and 100MB of real memory.

Now what?

Ich muss es ja nochmal sagen: läuft einfach Hammer gut auf meinem ... Es ist einfach so geil.

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