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Binary artefacts do not belong in repositories.

Images are also binary artefacts.

Use where you don't care too much about details.

Use where you don't care about details most of the time, but sometimes you do.

Don't use anything of the above if you _always_ need to be able to fiddle with every detail.

And that's the reason why I prefer over any TUI, GUI or other interface for git (modulo tig, but that only got quick browsing, never for modifying the repository).

The shorter your diff is, the longer your commit message should be.

pull --ff-only ssh://anderes_nodebook:/home/$USER/config

Tut einfach.

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PSA: It is rude to NOT reply back when you applied patches that someone mailed you.

Ich hab grade mal 6 and mehrere Leute rausgeschickt (insgesamt locker >20 mail addressen) ... mal sehen wie viele zurück kommen mit "Ja da gibts n repo, mach mal n PR auf!

patch recipients-finding sending helper:

git shortlog -sen -- PATH | sed 's,[^a-zA-Z]*,,;1s,^,--to=",;2,$s,^,--cc=",;s,$,",'

to get a embeddable list of mail adresses. Usage:

git format-patch master..HEAD $(script for PATH)

If someone knows something that is not as complicated, please reply.

pull --ff-only origin master

"No remote ref master"


This broke all my scripts you F****** idiots!

TIL you can disable pushes to a remote for the complete remote or for single branches client-side.

I recently said something about binary files in repositories. I like to reiterate my opinion.

A friend ( @lschuermann ) just told me I'm not allowed to keep my password-store in git anymore, because GPG files are binary. And they are right. SoI'd like to reiterate:

Do not put binaries in git, IF the repo is public/shared between a group of developers.

So, binaries (.gpg, .png, .jpeg) are fine as long as the repo is somewhat private (passwords, blog, etc).

Apologies to everyone that got offended!

After the whole thing you want to start to mirror software with ?

(Not tested yet, feel free to improve and send me patches, preferred by mail - and of course: Mirror it! 😃 )

`Receiving objects: 100% (7667272/7667272), 1.40 GiB | 19.42 MiB/s, done.`

clone - nice.

Today seems to be day ... I'd like to thank the devs for the awesome and stable experience!

I'd also like to thank and () developers and of course developers - the three most important pieces of software out there!

MFW: "Kannst du den Zweig, den ich gerade umgeschrieben hab, ziehen und zum Deppendrehkreuz drücken?"

Submodules sind ein Hack für "ich bin zu blöd dependency management für mein Projekt einzubauen"!

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