A proper distro they say, but this issue existed since 2015 and nobody managed to fix it.

We're the joke of a distro, that's what we are.

NixOS Live USB/DVD fails in UEFI mode · Issue #7132 · NixOS/nixpkgs

Hi guys Recently I decided try NixOS. First I downloaded the 14.12 x86_64 graphical ISO and tested it in virtualbox. Everything worked nicely so I decided to give it a go on my base hardware. Curre...


Hot Chocolate 

food, vegetarian 

See that difference in RAM usage? I wonder why that is.

Top: Workstation, Running Telegram, Riot GUI, Firefox with 12 Tabs, youtube playing.

Bottom: Notebook, running _also_ Telegram, Riot GUI, Firefox with 12 Tabs, but nothing playing.

Maybe the difference is because the notebook currently updates (but is still in the "download"-step) and syncs my music collection to the machine on top. But I doubt that this takes 1+GB RAM...

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