So much talk about micro-commits, committing changes early and often and working in small batches. But, how exactly do you practice that?

In my blog, I show you a couple of custom Git commands that have helped me to achieve a fast and stable pace while developing new features.


@nikoheikkila and then someone comes around and squash-merges your carefully crafted 100 commit messages into one giant diff with a message that does not help anyone. 😠

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@musicmatze Yeah, I would probably not be this meticulous when working with open-source projects. The project maintainers might very well discard all my commits into one big steaming pile during the merge.

However, when working with a team I hope I have something to say about that…

@nikoheikkila I stop contributing to projects if they squash my carefully crafted messages. It is just disrespectful.

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