Btw I am using delta as diff tool now. So far it has been great - finally having syntax highlighing in diffs!

I was like "all these tools are so awesome!"

Friend: "Yeah, it's almost like you can focus on features when you don't have to deal with weird bugs like segfault and all this BS..."


I have to admit, though, that there are indeed some tools that are also in this league. Especially

But that list is rather short, TBH. I don't wonder why.

@musicmatze agreed, the rust team has done a great job with their toolset. I find myself missing some of the features in other languages, especially a sane dependency manager

@musicmatze thanks for pointing out delta.
I've been using quite a few of these rustic replacements for a while now, but it seems I never made it far enough down the list to discover delta.

@musicmatze Delta looks awesome. Thank you for sharing.

@perry Oh, while we're at it: you should definitely check out @schlink's list of Rust command line tools:

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