Why do I dislike ?

Because it brings nothing new to the table. on the other hand, does!

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@musicmatze IMHO they are quite different in their goals. Flatpak etc. are intended for regular end-users, nix is not. Flatpak etc. attempt to provide application confinement, nix does not. Nix just has different use cases. Yes, there is an overlap, but for regular end-users this overlap is IMHO minimal (because nix is just not targeted at regular end-users).

@musicmatze hence, I would argue that Flatpak etc. brought something new to the table. We did not really have packaging formats before that were distribution-independent, end-user-suitable and supported usable application confinement, did we?

@musicmatze Of course, it can be debated (one may even say it has been exhaustively debated :P) if they are any good at what they do.

@musicmatze That's understandable, although there are some packages on the #Nixpkgs that are #AppImages translated to the FHS and you could still use #Flatpak on #NixOS (which is what I use for #Steam to have my library playable)

@musicmatze The point is that only #snap is the technology I am reluctant to use😂 mostly because the difference between using apt and snap when using Ubuntu hasn't clicked on me yet

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