Unpopular opinion: is not hard to learn, people are just lazy af.


true - i only use it to commit, merge, tag and push into my own branches even though i know i could do much more 😂

@l33tname @musicmatze
If you’re skilled enough to write code you‘re certainly skilled enough to use git.

I know plenty of people who write code for a living but refuse to read a git manpage.

This. I taught git to trainees and students (18-20y/o) at my previous company and they reached a decent level within 8 hours of teaching in two sessions.

@musicmatze @l33tname
Yes. It’s ok to struggle with git while you’re mentally occupied with learning programming.

But people with years of experience in the field simply have no excuse. Their daily doing is far more complex then using git.

@Vyen @musicmatze i mean nobody said it can not be learned it's just the UX which is bad (which is getting better but still)

@l33tname @musicmatze
It is bad. No question.

But not learning it just creates more work for everyone around them. It’s like ‚Typing is difficult, can someone please type that for me‘ as a protocolist.

@musicmatze depends if you are confortable with the commandline I guess.. But yeah, all nearly people could do it in less then one day I would say

I used only the integration in IntelliJ so far, but it was really good and decent. For me, CLI is way better, but there are really good GUIs out there!

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