My experiments are successful by now.

IMO writing a in using IPFS as storage is possible, easy as I thought (details are hardish, but the overall thing is easy) and from what I see I will succeed with my POC.

Here's my list of stuff I want to be implemented before showing off my POC:

* Gossipping via instead of (right now it is implemented over pubsub because it was easier to write)
* Profile discovery via gossipsub
* Profile caching
* Profile following



Multi-device support via raft concensus over gossipsub
* (CLI) cache node functionality ("multi device" node that only caches posts of a profile)
* (GUI) Timeline polishing
* (GUI) Markdown support in Text posts
* (GUI) Non-Text posts: Directories (MVP for image video/audio posts)

And after that I will show my POC to people interested (but still consider everything very very VERY pre alpha).


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