Hey Rust people!

I started building something with ipfs-api, but I guess I will switch to the ipfs crate.

Any thoughts on that?

@musicmatze Is it because of the "async trait is not Send" problem?
I wonder, why they deliberately opt-out of `Send`.

I'm fairly new to async Rust, but if I understand correctly an item which is not `Send` is basically useless in an async context, because it can't be passed across .await points.

Also thank you for sharing your problem before. You made me better understand async Rust!

Yes it is. It is due to the fact that they want to provide the same interface for Tokio and async-std as runtime and that results in the send issue.
I do not entirely understand why _exactly_, but it is what it is.
Maybe they figure it out, though.

If they do, I can change my own backend to be generic over both crates and provide one for each specific usecase. 😂

That was one idea anyways, but for now I just want to get things done for a minimal implementation (MVP)

@musicmatze Oh, interesting! Yeah, being generic over an async runtime is a very aspiring goal. I hope they can figure it out, so you can be generic over it, too!👍

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