"Outperforming Imperative with Pure Functional Languages" by Richard Feldman:
yewtu.be/watch?v=vzfy4EKwG_Y (or YT: youtube.com/watch?v=vzfy4EKwG_)

Richard Feldman and his team have worked on a pure functional language called roc (roc-lang.org). It compiles to a static binary and uses and opportunistic in-place mutation for optimization.

Such a great talk! I ❤️ Richard Feldman!


Thank you so much. I feel like this could be the next big thing.

@musicmatze Glad you like it.🙂 I agree, it looks very promising. IMO, strongly typed, declarative languages are the future:

Also thank YOU for sharing the talk on "Type-Driven API Design in Rust". It was very interesting and I've learned a lot:

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