is pretty powerful

Can we please have an equivalent in FLOSS hosting services like and ?

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@musicmatze both gitlab and sourcehut have integrated CI. What are you looking for that they are lacking?

@afontaine I don't know about the features of gitlab, so I cannot tell you much about it. sourcehut builds is nice, but I am not talking about a CI system here! github actions is a way to program github, CI is just a part of it (FWIW the most commonly used), but it can do much more than that!

@musicmatze Ah well sourcehut has acurl to help you make API calls in build scripts, and gitlab injects tokens into your build environment that give you some read/write access to your project over the API.

You can also do more in both, it is just less automated.

@musicmatze is close. Feature wise. But, IMO it lacks the polish.

What I love about GH actions is that it makes the common case easy, and all custom cases possible. Neat conventions, like the Super Linter are killer features.

On the other end of the spectrum is AWS code pipeline, though: make the common case ridiculously difficult and the edge case just as hard.

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