If you could choose a new right now, what would you choose?

Boundary conditions:

* No numpad (which limits to 14" normally)
* Can run Linux ( in my case) with KDE Plasma
* (IT-)Work Device, no gaming. 32G RAM minimum, I guess, 500G+ SSD, maybe more.
* LAN port
* At least 2 USB ports (external Keyboard, Mouse, etc)
* Headphone Jack

Price doesn't matter as long as it is below 1.5k€.

Reason for the question: I might get a new work device in Jan22.
Looking forward to your ideas!

retoot ✅ 🙏


Another option would be a thin-client notebook with mobile networking plus a big(gish) VPS in "the cloud"... that might be a valuable option, too. Battery life would then be a really important factor, and that mobile networking MUST work on

Also: Data plans that are good in all EU countries (with germany being the issue here because internet speeds in germany, right?)

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@musicmatze Mittlerweile müssen alle Anbieter die Roaming anbieten dir die gleiche Menge an Daten im Ausland bereit stellen wie im Inland. Würde somit mit allen gehen.
Telekom hat noch Schweiz drin, ist dafür halt recht teuer und VF ist halt sehr Standortabhängig ob das überhaupt taugt.

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