, a question on dev environment isolation. Is either or usable as an OS for day-to-day use (coding, browsing, occasional gaming)? Or is it better to just use their respective package managers on top of regular Linux? Also, anyone here doing desktop ? Is there a sense of running a per project? Is that a viable alternative to dual-booing Windows when I want to do some Windows dev or play a game?

I'm planning to overhaul my desktop and am exploring options.

@temporal #NixOS all the way. I've been using it for > 4 years as my daily driver on all of my linux machines.

@MasseR @temporal here as well, since end of 2014, nixos on all devices except phones. I do not see why I would go back anytime soon, nixos is just superior in every way (for the nerd, not for the casual user, IMO).

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