is not great yet, is it? Only 100MBit/s and 99€/$ per Month, AFAICS.

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if price is more like 35€ per month for ~250MBit/s I would like to explore for a

But 100Watt is waaaay too much for a camper, I guess.

@Br0m3x "address" as in "location"? I don't know, but I would guess no!

@musicmatze yes I mean location.
I heard that it's tied to the registered location

@musicmatze when it's the only option to get an internet connection, it's probably great. but it's of course a big tradeoff

some camping sites might have wifi? and LTE could be another, cheaper option

@musicmatze One has to finance 36000 pieces of e-waste being shot into the atmosphere for just 6 years :)

@sheogorath @musicmatze

Dont forget that the company need to even stay afloat with a business modell that probably wont work anyway

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