It is official: was trained using YOUR !


I did this after 11 years of github. I did not yet delete my forks (repos I maintain/contribute to), because I don't want to hurt the community there. But I'd love to see them move, too!

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@musicmatze I already did this a while ago. I have only 3 repos left (1 fork, 1 archived, 1 mirror). The one mirrored is on sourcehut as well as all other old and new projects.

@yyp I still have 160 forks. I am not deleting forks because I continue to contribute over github, but I hope that other projects will move away as well.

Can't stand their bullshit anymore, tbh. discussions, actions, and other things were just vendor-lock. This is just abuse.

@musicmatze I just delete forks after the PR is merged to not litter the profile because there's no way to make forks "unlisted".

I don't think actions is pure vendor lock-in but I've always found their format to be pretty complex and difficult to use. Compare that to with super straightforward manifests that can be easily written by hand.

Discussions, yeah, this is basically stack overflow built into GH, and usually a mailing list or IRC/Matrix channel will work just as well.

@yyp the thing is that actions is not only a CI thing, but you can automate almost every aspect of your community with it. It's pretty deeply integrated into github and thus can do a lot of things!

I like what they built there, but the effect is a vendor-lockin-like effect. But that's always with superior technology, IMO.

@musicmatze They could learn from your code even if you are not on github because of the license.

@musicmatze I moved all my stuff over to the week Microsoft bought them. Never trust a product once MS acquires it!!!

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