I had enough.

I'm deleting my repos during my holidays.

I cannot delete my account because I'm maintaining some crates (config-rs, shiplift,...) and I don't want to hurt the community just because is pulling more and more bullshit, but GitHub repos I own will be deleted.

I will self-host and use . Contributions can be done via mail.

@musicmatze what did they do that you want to move all your repos out of GitHub?

@musicmatze yeah that some messy AI assistant that gives you all the wrong input all the time... But I don't see why that would directly turn you to jump off the GitHub platform with all your repos 🤔

@dnaka91 github has been pulling shit for too long now. I wanted to leave since took over and the AI thing just made me finally do it.

I don't want to fight legal battles if my GPLed code ends up in nonGPL repos.

I'd rather pay for and have a (to be honest) not-as-good CI (actions is pretty nice, I have to admit that), but a platform that encourages proper usage and is free (as in speech)

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