What is your data plan?

I have prepaid, so I pay exactly nothing if I don't use it. I usually buy 50MB (yes, that's MB) for one month for 1,99€ but most of the time 50MB is too much for me. My last three months were 25MB, 45MB and 14MB.

Did you use your data up posting this? Have you topped up to read my reply?

Seriously though I could probably use way less mobile data by connecting to public WiFi and home broadband more but it's just so convenient having data everywhere. I only use about 5GB/mo usually which is way less than others.


@tilduke no, not at all. I usually chat with people while on data, sometimes toot a bit or check the bus plan. Not more. At home or at work I have wifi, at some bus stops also.
No need for a "real" data plan at all 😄

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