What is your data plan?

I have prepaid, so I pay exactly nothing if I don't use it. I usually buy 50MB (yes, that's MB) for one month for 1,99€ but most of the time 50MB is too much for me. My last three months were 25MB, 45MB and 14MB.

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Did you use your data up posting this? Have you topped up to read my reply?

Seriously though I could probably use way less mobile data by connecting to public WiFi and home broadband more but it's just so convenient having data everywhere. I only use about 5GB/mo usually which is way less than others.

@tilduke no, not at all. I usually chat with people while on data, sometimes toot a bit or check the bus plan. Not more. At home or at work I have wifi, at some bus stops also.
No need for a "real" data plan at all 😄

@musicmatze I could use that within 5 seconds. I've a 15 GB on one Sim (Car) and an unlimited on the other Sim and usage was 317 GB in the last month. Usually backups, data syncing and audio/video calls, a few moments Netflix stream sometimes.

@tobi 317 GB? Wtf. I don't get these numbers on my notebook after one month of uptime even!

@musicmatze 4.8MB this month... out of 1GB

I'm planning on switching to TeleCoop (I think you have WeTell in Germany?) because I really don't use my data

@musicmatze my mobile data plan is 1 GB per month (I get that for no extra charge with my old home Internet plan, which is pretty awesome). Before that I only had 125 MB per month. Looks like my mobile data usage went up since then (currently 130 - 300 MB per month). Your mobile data usage is quite impressive!
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