Installing non (raspbian) on a raspberry 1 right now.

Feels like being back in the early 2000s, in legacy land.

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This is for a remote backup solution I'm planning to try out.

Spoiler: rsnapshot to encrypted drive over ssh over wireguard

And don't tell me that does not perform or something like that. I don't care. I want my backups and I get it with that setup, that's all that counts!

Of course I do have backups, but if my apartment burns down, they are lost as well. Need some remote backups, you know?

Lets just hope nothing burns down ever.

@musicmatze This is exactly my backup setup, but I bought a cheap Pentium SoC because RPis were such a nightmare with NixOS.

@clerie nice! I use raspbian, so it is ... well ... legacy linux, but okay.

I need the device powered on manually once a month (I will dump the pi with two USB HDDs at my parents), and I won't do more than ssh-login, mount the drive(s), start the backup from my drives and shut down the pi again. Maybe even less than once a month, so I guess that's not too much pain. I hope.

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