In the last year, over 85k commits where applied to the

The kernel clearly seems to have an awesome workflow and they scale _extremely_ good.

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According to this talk (dated 2008!!!) they have an average of about 5 changes PER HOUR, every hour.

That's 5 changes, 24/7/365.

@gregkh gave this talk several times over the years, with the rate of changes per hour going _UP_!

IIRC the last talk I saw mentioned an amazing 8 changes per hour!

If you want to see how many lines were added and deleted during that time:

`git diff cc86432aa8cc..master --shortstat -l 8281` (you need the high renameLimit)

You get

41254 files changed, 3940539 insertions(+), 1447818 deletions(-)

(as of a050a6d2b7e80ca52b2f4141eaf3420d201b72b3)

Now, lets have a look at the

`git log --oneline --since="1 year ago" | wc -l` gives you 63933 commits.

That's approx. 75% of the speed of the kernel.

Of course you cannot compare it that easily because in nixpkgs a lot of things can easily be automated (simple version bumps)... for example.

Still: Why does nixpkgs rely on the slow and bad-scaling workflow?

If you check the talk mentioned earlier (remember, this was 2008!!!) you'll see how to scale a workflow for a big community easily. And nobody can argue that this does not work: The kernel community does this for about 15 years now (probably longer).

Why can't we have nice things in land?

Common arguments are "we are not enough devs", "we don't have the manpower" and similar things.

I think this does not apply. Smaller communities like nixpkgs have implemented that workflow (proof: have a look at sourcehut). It _does_ scale from small, even tiny communities, to the biggest software project known to day.

The only issue I see right now is that most devs don't want to change what works for _them_, ignoring the fact that it only slows down the community as a whole.

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