Why can't people obey these simple message rules?

* Use an uppercase letter for the start of your subject line
* EXPLAIN what you did, not "Fixes"

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Don't get annoyed with me if I ask you to rephrase your commits!



Don`t forget the commit/comment simply named "hack" 😂

@Billie yeah.

I do not even get angry anymore if people fail to use trailers properly, because the concept of a trailers is new for most people. It bothers me anyways, but well... I can only do so much to force them to do/use the right things!

@musicmatze if the sentence continues after "Fixes" ("Fixes the NPE when doing XY") everything is ok 😁

@skyr it is.

I constantly use a prefix in my commit messages:

"Fix: copy release artifact instead of renaming it" (

which is not 100% conforming to the book either, but still it gives you a hint what is actually done in the commit (expanding in the body, of course). "Fixes" is just CSV-style "I commit at the end of the day all my days work" and helps you _nothing_ in the long run.

@musicmatze @skyr there is actually a great standard for that:

@rugk @skyr I just wrote an article about the whole subject and explicitely wrote that conventional commits are bad.

Article will be published in the coming days.

@musicmatze @skyr well your example above does not look much different (same prefix), but let me know of that article, it sounds very interesting 🙂

@rugk @skyr yeah, I do not say that these things _can_ have value! I refuse to believe that always following the idea of conventional commits adds any value. And I actually believe that it results in bad commit style, because people stop to think properly before writing their commit messages.

Also, the idea of generating changelogs from commit logs is just nuts.

The article will be retooted here, of course.

@musicmatze @rugk @skyr I feel the only good reason to do conventional commits is for either huge projects with quick release cycles to keep it manageable (although even then there are many that can do without).

And people that just don't care about their changelog much and are too lazy to write proper ones, instead generating them.

Sorry if that comes as a bit spicy. It sure can have value but mostly is not really needed. Same opinion as @musicmatze there.

For that big project part, there's a counterexample: the Kernel manages without. And that's by definition a big project. Because it is the biggest existing one.

Postgres would be another one, AFAIK.
@rugk @skyr

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