Does someone have experience with the app? How well does it work? Is it powerful and easy to grasp?

How's the android app?

Feel free to retoot for maximum visibility!

@musicmatze Works much better now. Clunky in the first few iterations. Easy to add, edit, cook ftom. We use it from iPad so can't comment on the android app.

I use it and I like it quite a bit. For android apps there's actually two. One has an icon with a fork and knife and the other has a cookbook icon. I have had a much better experience with the fork and knife one (which I believe is an unofficial app being developed here

@ksteimel awesome, that's also the one - so I can install it.

We'll see how it works out. Thanks!

@musicmatze not sure what exactly you mean by "powerful" but I too use it and am happy with it. Mostly as recipe storage by now, more than to actually cook from it, though. "Fork and knife" app also!

@musicmatze I make light use of it. Its pretty good, overall. My biggest complaint is that the android app seems read-only, which is dumb for my use case, but I just login in my browser. The recipe extraction is impressive and has worked pretty well overall for all the sites I have thrown at it thus far.

There are two android apps, one is developed by me and is native in kotlin. The other app is programmed in flutter.
How the apps are is very subjective 😃

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