Buy a NAS and a rpi to make it available via wireguard or build a NAS myself with that rpi?

Or is there an alternative for the rpi that is x86_64?

Feel free to boost this! All suggestions welcome!


depends on the use case ;)
if you want something stable and reliable out of the box you should go for a NAS and Pi seperately ;)
if you want to experiment and educate yourself, go for the Pi alone ;)

I guess I want the former. But not spending hundreds of €,...

Also, i heated that the audio interface of the rpi is not the best... Other suggestions?


idk 🤷‍♂️
since i record music i use external audio interfaces anyway...
the pi has hdmi out so you can alway hook the sound up to your tv setup

@musicmatze depending on your storage setup, you're gonna spend some bucks anyway ;)

@pmj @musicmatze and the bus speed may bite you on something not purpose built.

@pmj @musicmatze Absolutely. And it is job one for a commercial NAS product.

For only a couple of users on your instance, #nextcloud on a rp4 is fine. Take the one with as much ram as possible 😁

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