Security Advisory:

Never implement `Future` or `Stream` yourself!

@musicmatze do you have any further information why one shouldn't write Futures und Streams in #Rust and why this might be a security threat?

Why should this be a security thread? I did not say that it is.

I'm just stating one should implement it because it is a pain in the ass.


"Security advisory" sounds to me that you could easily implement a security whole in a stream or future (like an unintended buffer overflow or something like this). So I was a bit confused and scared at the same time. :D

@schrieveslaach It was meant as "Security advisory for your brain" ... sorry 'bout that!

@musicmatze the way it works is really cool though. But took me a while to understand the whole async/await concept first.

Wrapping other futures is relatively easy though.

@musicmatze implemented a bunch of futures and streams myself. My Pin<&mut brain> is fine :)

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