@fikran @musicmatze I also enjoy using the browser, but would be interested to see other options

@specter @fikran browser is fine, but vertical scroll sucks really hard IMO.

Also, I'd love to try another interface.

@specter @fikran
Ah, also, if your status bar (of your WM/DE) is at the bottom, vertical scroll is extra hard to use.

@sphyphes no, not a CLI or TUI, I want an actual GUI, as in Graphical.

@musicmatze is it possible to use pleroma or soapbox interface with any mastodon server? That's an interesting question

@musicmatze @sphyphes
Alright, then I strongly recommend @tut 😉😅
#tut #tui

No honestly, personally I have tried all mentioned Linux clients. Not liked any of them 🙄

@musicmatze though it's still in development, the feature I miss is the ability enlarge images in a toot

@musicmatze Whalebird is the only one working on all of my systems.

@dublinux you might want to try the toot app. A terninal based application.

@musicmatze I'm not necessarily sure it's what you're looking for, but Brutaldon is a brutalist / minimalist frontend.

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