Okay, maybe @davidak is right with my constant negativity about and .

So maybe some "positivity" (is this a term?):

is absolutely heaven-sent! It is a deployment tool for nixos based systems and I deploy my server with it. It uses normal nixos configuration.nix files and it can also deploy multiple nodes. With krops, you can make services on different servers dependent on each other in a declarative way. Absolute awesomeness.

I should start deploying my local systems with it (I know a few people who do). This way I could let my local system share configuration with my server and couple them easily.

I could also make my notebook dependent on configuration of my workstation more easily. Right now, they just share configuration, but they do not actually depend on each other (which would be something like "alias remotempc = <host and port of MPD on other machine>" as an simple example).


I did the same thing, gradually.

I removed my last non NixOS box last week.

Having all your machines (desktop/laptop/router/servers) running NixOS makes it really easy having all your conf in a big monorepo.

That's a convenience I'm not going to give up anytime soon.

It also had the side effect of pushing me to write some stuff I wouldn't have if I wasn't forced to and made me learn a lot of things. Mostly things about systemd/networkd, pleroma and the elixir ecosystem, nginx , some kernel fiddling).

I highly recommend doing that if you have enough spare time.


WRT. negativity, I'm also very frustrated by NixOS and the direction it takes quite often. I also tend to be a pretty negative and pessimistic person.

My 2 cts: I don't think being pessimistic is necessarily an issue, it can actually can bring quite a lot on the table by often challenging the status quo. However, at least in my situation, it comes hand to hand with a more destructive effect for you and sometimes your surroundings.

I'm trying really hard to shut this destructive part by forbidding myself to publicly shitpost on someone else work if I'm not up to help them with the said work. I've been doing this for the last 4 years or so, it's been a dramatic life improvement. For me, and probably my surroundings.

I do think private ranting and venting is fine. At least as long as the other party you're chatting privately is fine with that as well :)

@Ninjatrappeur @musicmatze i totally welcome constructive criticism. it can make you or your project better. even when it's phrased negatively, i personally want to hear it. others might not

but to come up with constructive criticism, you have to reflect what really annoys you! that needs effort. it's easy to say "I'm very frustrated by NixOS" or "nixpkgs is a huge pile of shit". but what does that mean? what exactly is bad and in best case, how could we solve it?

and write to the right place

@davidak At some point, you have to choose your battles.

Working on the NixOS community itself is not a battle I'm willing to take part of at the moment.

I'm contributing code to the project, maintaining some modules, reviewing and merging PRs. That's all I have to offer.

This is not a definitive statement, things might change at some point.


Not sure that you are wrong, it feels like the #NixOS project is going more of the rails with every new release. I'm close to seriously considering a fork and try to remove all that bloatware people keep putting.


@ck I also thought about this.

Problem is: Effort is enormous!

@ck @musicmatze what do you mean exactly? like libreoffice?

what problem does it solve to remove it?

i think having many packages is a good thing. isn't arch popular because AUR has the most packages?

with a fork and you two stopping to contribute to nixos, we have two struggling projects and nixos is even worse... lowering the potential of the fork

this discussion should really happen in the forum, in a constructive way.

@davidak I did not say that I want a fork. I said that I thought about it and it is just too much effort.

I won't stop contributing to nixpkgs. I do not like a lot of things that happen, but it is still the best thing we have for packagemanagement right now!

Solving problems should be prio. Not avoiding them.

My problem is that #NixOS is going the way of Gnome, by disabling/removing possibilities to customise and enforcing opinionated default on users that are beyond reasonable. Example: with 20.09 I have to dig through the code to figure out how to disable nscd (hint: service.nscd.enable = false does not even build anymore, its mkForce system.nssModules = []). Apparently not wanting to run a program that you don't use is now considered a strange edge case.

@musicmatze While you're enjoying krops, its documentation would enjoy getting some contributions…

*hint hint, nudge nudge*

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