For our friends in the US:

15-18°C at night is cool, but nice.
20-25°C during the day is usually nice and warm.
22°C is okay at offices.

30°C is where people usually start to complain.
38°C is HOT.
40°C is almost unbearable.

45-50°C is Death valley.

0°C is water freezing, -10°C is a good winter in southern Germany. -20°C is possible in winter in Germany.

100°C is water boiling.

@musicmatze also for those of us in USA:

South Germany is still north of pretty much anywhere in USA mainland

(I spent a couple years near Kaiserslautern. I should never have left, but I had no choice.)

Why have you been to Germany? I'd love to be able to move to northern America for one or two years. (Favourite would be Canada though).

@musicmatze I was in the Air Force, so as soon as I re-enlisted, I was assigned an overseas tour ;o)

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