I'm starting a here, - would you like to join me?

The task is: Describe a complex fact/thing/circumstance in a one-line statement, without joking and with as much explanatory value as possible (so: The less foreknowledge is required to understand what you describe, the better).

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I'll start.

A Programminglanguage is a set of rules that when followed, makes a computer understand a piece of text as a list of instructions it can execute.

Can you do better?

@musicmatze Bullshit is/are the everyday misconceptions we carry and don't question because they are woven into our cultural, social and personal identity, and changing them is hard because it means untangling them from our own well-oiled mechanisms and self-preservation forces, toward a better equilibrium and the next higher stage of bullshit.

@musicmatze A single nuclear interaction is classically modelled as the probability of a bullet hitting a target where the target's area is measured in barns, a form of meters squared, and the value is dependent on the: kind of target, kind of bullet, kind of desired interaction between bullet and target, the energy of the bullet, and the energy of the target.

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