How often do you your account?

@tidest Go to Settings > "Import and Export" and then "Request your archive"

@musicmatze I don't see the point for a backup. For me Mastodon is relevant as a channel for announcements that are relevant for at most a couple of days.
There is some chitchat but nothing that I would miss if it would be wiped for some reason. And I'd probably find my bubble again if the server went down.
So yes, I've thought about it and decided, I'm better off without a backup. Not every piece of data needs to be kept until I'm dead. ;)

@musicmatze I do the opposite of a backup, lol. I use Forget to delete any posts that are older than 4 months. Used to be 6, but I might just lower it even more, to 3.
I probably should make a backup of my following list and muted accounts, though. Would be a pain to find all of those again.
So actually, thanks for the reminder. :)

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