All set for my livestream tomorrow morning! My ATEM Mini Pro arrived and I’ve been having lots of fun with it! I'll be answering your questions on the stream, so leave them in the comments below!


@aaronpk ah okay. Because I own a G70 and I thought about streaming, but the G70 does not have the feature to pass the video to another device... 😕

@musicmatze The G70 is the G7 in the US right? That should have an HDMI port on it!

@aaronpk no, I am in Europe. I guess the issue is not the HDMI port, which it has, but that it does not have that software feature.

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@musicmatze I'm not sure what you mean by "software feature". The HDMI port will output a feed of just the video signal which you can run into the ATEM Mini or any other device.

@aaronpk and exactly that is that feature I'm talking about...

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