@schmittlauch I really wish we could have this in

But using these new amazing services is still not possible. This would have been a nieche where nixos could shine: Easily deployable fediverse services that even could depend on another, managed via or ... *dreams*

But no, it is not even possible to deploy sourcehut yet. 😭

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@musicmatze @schmittlauch There are already PRs for Sourcehut and Mastodon. It just lacks the people willing to put in the work and review the code.

Personally I think these modules don't belong into main Nixpkgs tree, but into separate repositories. Currently it's hard to integrate these repos, but eventually the #flake standard will make that much easier.

@erictapen yes, I agree. Would be nice to have something like the nixos-mailserver project, where one could just pull in a nixos-fediverse and then enable every service they want.

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