A proper distro they say, but this issue existed since 2015 and nobody managed to fix it.

We're the joke of a distro, that's what we are.

NixOS Live USB/DVD fails in UEFI mode · Issue #7132 · NixOS/nixpkgs

Hi guys Recently I decided try NixOS. First I downloaded the 14.12 x86_64 graphical ISO and tested it in virtualbox. Everything worked nicely so I decided to give it a go on my base hardware. Curre...

@musicmatze I wouldn't call it a joke distro by any means since #NixOS provides *loads* of cool tech.

Joke distros to me would be things like: RebeccaBlackOS

Things like this is symptoms of being a small distro that doesn't have paid engineers to work on fixing papercut issues or boring issues.

I often fix things I have problems with in NixOS, for my sake. But I contribute or to #nixpkgs to make sure to fix it for other people are well.

Same for me, I maintain several (rather simple to be honest) packages in nixos.

Still, it is sad that such a basic user experience issue is not solved for five years.

@musicmatze Sure, but it's also FOSS. It does come without guarantees and if you have or see a problem it's up to you to fix it if you think it's important to you.

And I guess no active contributor happens to own hardware where this happens to be an issue. Then it's harder to debug it.

@musicmatze hard to say what "this issue" is though, seems to be multiple issues are discussed there with similar symptoms but it's not so clear they have the same cause... Of course it'd be better if they weren't there, and more eyeballs might help.

(also I can't help wondering if would help for some of those... but very hard to tell without access to hardware having the problem)

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