Just played around with a little bit.

And it is really nice. I'm not yet convinced whether I should switch, I'll probably have to check quality of the integration first, but it really looks promising!

@schnittchen so it does not contain window management (it has buffers though) and utilizes tmux for that.

Holy crap that integration is cool! Some stuff which I really need (because muscle-memory) can be configured I guess (for example `gt` to go to the next buffer, or `Ctrl-W+L` in tmux to go to next split right).

I'm looking forward to try it out when coding, with plugins and everything - I'd bet that the experience is amazing if you remind yourself that it is not vim but still close enough.

@musicmatze I'm an avid vim user, you think it would be worth it in that situation?

@schnittchen I'm a vim-power-user for about 10 years now and I think it is a good idea to at least play around with to see what is possible.

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