@musicmatze it's not the greatest :/, but to be fair what it does is pretty kludgy IMO, always been impressed it works as well as it does-- with variety of users beyond NixOS. Wonder what a rewrite would look like? Rust? O:) Although... I can't help but feel a better answer is to rethink the executable format such that this sort of shenanigans is either not needed or simpler. On a less wild note, relevant and rec'd reading is Drepper's dsohowto, esp hist. context.

[1] akkadia.org/drepper/dsohowto.p

@musicmatze not that kludge objective requires a messy implementation, but I think it's likely to not be particularly satisfying to robustify/cleanup, given the author is Lord Nixington himself, (errr Eelco Dolstra :P) and he has projects like Nix to spend hack points on instead of polishing this. Speculation, of course :).

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