F!ckn ... outdated freakin ubuntu has packages from the last decade or what?

@musicmatze we had the same problem. We ended up using the latest ubuntu image and are now setting up rustup manually in the ci configuration. Afaik travis is still using xenial for rust builds (check the build log) and setting dist to bionic is ignored. Set `language: minimal` and `dist: bionic` to work around the issue.


@musicmatze note: travis is not shipping tmux-2.1 in their bionic image, but rather ignores to use the bionic image and instead is using xenial. I was not aware of that when writing the mentioned toot.

@fin_ger I'm currently investigating running my own build server (buildbot) but this thing is a monster to configure and unfortunately there's no drone service definition for available yet (which my host runs on). I would love to move away from that bs but it's way too hard to configure ci servers IMO.

@musicmatze maybe a temporary solution would be drone in docker? i would also love to have drone as nixos service. might be not so hard to implement... status: github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issue

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