@epilys hey... how do you do mail parsing in ?

Because there are no proper crates for parsing available, which really sucks.

@musicmatze What does the `melib` crate have you don't need? The backends are optional.

@epilys modules: addressbook, async_workers, backends, conf, dbg, error, mailbox, shellexpand, thread. It also does not have a high-level interface, which would be really great for implementing mail-processing stuff.

@epilys also I see no way to parse a mail, actually. I only see functions for extracting stuff from a list of bytes, but nothing like `fn parse(&str) -> Result<Mail>` or something like that.

@musicmatze They are separate because sometimes you need just the bytes. If you see the email_parse.rs file it uses the high level functions of Envelope. Btw while I am interested in splitting the e-mail parsing stuff to its standalone library, it's not a priority now because melib was supposed to be a 'mail client' library, not mail processing. I've used melib for other tools and the compilation times and size were not affected that match from the extra modules. The split should happen tho!

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