@musicmatze I did 1 hour gym this morning, now it'll be football in the evening and tomorrow morning again 1 hour gym. Bad timing from my side.

@jeena almost 2hrs for me today, 1hr running and another weightlifting.

I will regret it tomorrow when I cannot even type anymore...

@musicmatze cool
I choose to spend that time commuting in public transport every day instead 🙈 #lifechoices #badexcuses

@TimSueberkrueb I can only recommend reading books! If I would have to be on the bus or train for more than 30 minutes every day, I definitively would read more.

Unfortunately, I am on the bus for 20 minutes including switching lines in between ...

@musicmatze yeah, I'm already trying to use that time more productive by learning new things. I'm currently learning dependently typed programming with Idris in my free time. Unfortunately, learning practical things like programming languages requires me to try things out on a computer to properly internalize what I learn. That however is something I find pretty hard to do productively on the regular S-Bahn trains (of course it's a different story on intercity trains for example). [1/2]

@musicmatze So in the end, I'm mostly listening to podcasts/audiobooks/music on the train. Have read some books before but mostly entertaining not educational ones. The latter unfortunately require a focus that I hardly manage to archive on S-Bahn trains. But I'm still trying, maybe I can improve in that respect. [2/2]

@TimSueberkrueb same for me. That's why I read RSS and listen to music most of the time during the time on bus/train.

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