I want to get all my stuff off of GitHub, but I am wondering where to go. Currently I have been putting my new projects on GitLab, but that's only slightly better. I hear Framasoft has a good GitLab instance as well.I have also heard of notabug, and I have an account there as well. I really like sourcehut too.

My main problem is that it seems so fragmented. Why can't git hosting be simpler?

The best thing would probably be to make my own sr.ht instance (since it is the lowest on resources I believe), and put my code there. But then there is also specific projects. I want a domain that I feel comfortable putting Heb12 and more without them seeming too attached to me.

So I am going to see about eventually setting up a git hosting instance, but for now, what current git hosting service do you recommend?



@masterofthetiger what is your problem domain?

For example with I use a cgit webinterface on the official website and that's it. I do not have issue tracking, bug reporting blabla something because it costs more time than it saves for me.

I also keep mirrors at github and codeberg, but I do not accept issues there (though I'd pull from everywhere if there's a request-pull [note: not a "PR" as in "github PR"]).

@masterofthetiger I also have to say that I do not have that many contributiors (about one in the last year I guess?)

So it is (sadly) easily manageable.

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