@musicmatze In Emacs #Orgmode it is exactly like that: a recurring todo that has the additional attribute "habit".

@publicvoit @musicmatze

ah ha, and that brings the question of routine vs. a habit. Because see, for routines, I use org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift. Basically a copy of the same activity that repeats every set of time.

So... is a habit a copy of the same activity repeating a certain time, or a single copy that needs to be marked "done" every specific rotation?

Is it the same to us, or is it not the same? ..and why?

morning thoughts...

@musicmatze @publicvoit what if you don't get it done though? do you break the habit? like on Seinfeld's chain or the book "the power of habit" (it talks about that and I read it so just comes to mind).

Can you break a routine though? I guess you could... so why does a routine sounds "stronger" than a habit, shouldn't be one in the same? a routine to me is a collection of habits, perhaps a repeated project, where a habit is one repeated to do.

What do you think?

@jrss @musicmatze If I don't do my habits in time, I have to live with the red bars on my agenda 😉
Basically, it's about how you use the features and not how these features are supposed to be used. There is no right or wrong as long as it suits your own use-cases.
I'm using the clone feature when I need notes for the iterations or want to apply individual exceptions (re-scheduling of single occurrences).

@publicvoit @musicmatze I do like how these features make me think. Do I need this? Why yes/no? What would this be good for? Etc.

is based around approachable individuals who built a system that is arguably more approachable than anything else out there (because it's open to the community and been around for a long time). It makes it unique, depending who you are. Your orgmode is as intimate as your underwear. And that, in turn, is fascinating.

@jrss @musicmatze I often compare #orgmode to a very large box of LEGO bricks where you can decide how many and which blocks you're taking out to build your own world. #PIM

@publicvoit @jrss that's one of the goals of as well - because it has different tools for different tasks, you can decide what you use and what not.

And because it is scriptable and plain-text-only, you can integrate it into your current workflow.

That's the idea.

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