@musicmatze Why, They're so descriptive.
Like this one from a 3com 3C509 driver:
"Something Wicked Happened!"

@musicmatze Depends on who wrote the module that dropped the error in *nix messages. In my case "Something Wicked Happened" meant the card itself was failing badly. I assume Windows would call it an unrecoverable error.

@AskChip I just grep'ed through for "wicked" and I did not find a single occurrence.

@musicmatze Do you know when the 3C509 network card became obsolete?

@AskChip no, why would I? Network drivers are included in the kernel, so no need to package them seperately,...

@musicmatze This was a module on a version of Ubuntu I was running as a server about 10-15 years ago. That phrase showed up over and over in the logs when that network card was used but not when the other (realtek chip) card was used.
I downloaded the kernel source tree and found it in the source for the 3C509 driver. Later versions someone probably removed it.

@AskChip yeah, and I am talking about the nix package manager... so we're definitively not talking about the same thing here.

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