Today is the day!

I brushed my hair for the last time this morning.

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We used to be the #1 alternative to Instagram on but someone marked our project as "Discontinued" because registration is closed on a specific instance.

Pixelfed has never been more alive!

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Management: "Wir können ja auch auf das Monitoring verzichten. Das ist ja nicht so wichtig"

Mir fällt nichts mehr dazu ein...

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Oh man people get your shit together.

People hating around because "your brand new tool cannot do this and that, but the original you're replacing which is 30 years old can do it!"

I hate these kind of people. And then even posting shit like this in an unrelated github issue.

Fuck off, really! I cannot tolerate that stuff! Nothing better to do or what?

The moment when you type "IamYourOverlord!1!" ...

But the window with the password prompt was not in focus...

Grade das erste mal im bus in kontrolliert worden. Wahnsinn, sowas gibts hier wirklich!

TIL you can restrict what suggests in the urlbar with characters ... How awesome is that?

default installer. Networking off.

How could anyone ever possibly want no networking on a distro that is mainly used for servers?

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Just popped up on my XPS 13 updates:

“This update integrates the BIOSConnect feature into Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery. This feature connects the system to the Dell image server to download and recover the operating system.”

Umm… how about no, Dell, do not connect my BIOS to the Internet thank you very much.

Wtf is wrong with these people? *smh*

#security #privacy

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Bad news about #Article13, the copyright directive (which includes Art 13) has passed the council of ministers.

Interesting footnote: if the UK gov had simply abstained (or voted against), the directive would not have passed. Britain represents enough population to form a blocking minority.

However, the British government voted in favour.

The law can still be stopped in the European courts (which is what happened to the data retention directive), but this is much messier and more difficult.

I heard that you shouldn't use the internet if you haven't seen the last episode yet.


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⚠️Security Announcement ⚠️

If you run an instance with federation enabled, please make sure you are running version v0.8.4 (released 2 weeks ago) or newer.

If you are running an older version than 0.8.4, we recommend updating ASAP.

More details will be released in a few days.


with in default config is just beautiful.

And waybar even supports left/right bar. awesome on widescreen!

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Eigentlich bin ich kein Pessimist, aber ich denke, dass morgen das Internet zu Grabe getragen wird. Die EU-Staaten werden morgen der EU-Copyrightreform zustimmen. In ein paar Jahren werden sich dann alle wundern, weshalb Google und Co. noch größer und mächtiger geworden sind und es wird nach einer Reform von der Reform gerufen.

Ich sage: "...denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun". :-(

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