Flatpack, AppImage and all this other "Just dump everything in there"-"solutions" are for lazy packeteers that do not know shit about their target platform and are too lazy to do it properly.

Change my mind.

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#psa You should probably stop using Startpage.com as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"


Please boost for exposure.

uses so I cannot watch their video courses on

r u fkn serious?

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Wow, this instance has over 19k users and over 1.6k monthly active users!

This is amazing!

soon? I have something spooky for you:

Java error messages.

> update for calendar app
> removes permissions because not required anymore

I love

I have a new - a Patriot Viper 760 RGB LED keyboard and I love it!

It is indeed a gaming keyboard, but I am not a gamer at all ... I am really looking forward to a dead-long coding session with my first ever. 🙂

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Still amazes me how #Rust working groups write complete books about the topic they are responsible for.

@sir Just wanted to say that your website does not scale up properly, if I try to scale it in firefox (ctrl-+) ... I know browsers are ugly monsters and this whole sh... stuff really sucks, but it's complicated for me to read your articles if the font is too small, so I normally scale websites up to 120-140% ... and that's where your blog breaks ...

I hope you can reproduce and hopefully fix this somehow?

... and while I'm on it: Thanks for your article on the advantages on email driven git workflow!

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kann jemand einen großen akku für ein x200(s) gebrauchen? hat noch 40 minuten kapazität, für mich nicht mehr benutzbar. verschicke auch gern, oder übergabe beim congress.

"Redesign of the command line" has failed to provide a good experience - change my mind!

Holy crap, wie viele Leute gehen in so einen Bus rein?

Vier Leute in einem Restaurant bestellen und bei jeder einzelnen Speise "aber ohne ... aber mit ... aber bitte nur so und so..." sind echt zum kotzen.

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