Oh, I guess I'm not even allowed to post NSFW/NSFL stuff on this instance... okay...

So here's a thing: Yesterday someone next to me in the park talked about and I immediately left.

If ANYONE spoilers me, I block you instantly!

Eastertime is familytime. That's why nobody is available for chillin' in the park and I'm sittin alone at home!

Whops... I just piped something into 'xclip' ... but am using sway+wayland... worked seamlessly with xwayland I guess. awesome!

I love how everyone complains about the bad but nobody tries to improve it.

Not even I do. 😞

Dieses Wochenende hab ich nochmal einen Season-9-Rewatch von How I met Your Mother gemacht (aktuell Folge 21).

Hab auch nur fünf mal geheult bis jetzt. Und nein, schäme mich nicht dafür!

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proprietary centralized IM: you don't even need a tech person
matrix: you have to know a tech person
xmpp: you have to be a tech person
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You can't take the TODO out of Mastodon.

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Doing a server image and DB back up of my Mastodon instance. Going to upgrade once things are snapshotted. Hopefully the upgrade to 2.8 goes smooth and doesn’t bork the instance like the last time I tried this. @Gargron can I get a boost for good luck? Hope to see you all after the upgrade🤞 #MastoAdmin

So i didn't get to know any girls tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Let's hope for the best ...

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