Double the size of RAM on the VM, suddenly is (rather) responsive.

What did they say about in the past years? 😄

At university, you're prepared how to set up codebases, how to design architectures and how to work cleanly.

And then the real world hits you.

Does anyone know a blog I can follow here on - just to see how it integrates with the mastodon web interface?

and despite my sometimes negative tone on some subjects, please believe me that I can see your point (most of the time), too!

I just have different believes on the most subjects. Please apologize if I voice them in a too-harsh tone sometimes!

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I'm actually having a good time right now here on ... all these discussions are really inspiring in a way!

Thank you all!

, and are just "solutions" to the problem "I am not able to learn <distro XYZ>s package management mechanism".

It's basically "one package manager to rule them all"... but of course three times different, because why not?

Normal usage of a DE in vmware: click, click, click

But with it's more like "click, oh fuck it clicked after I moved the mouse to another place, okay, move it back, why u laggin so much, aaaah, head->table, ...

click, wait...

ah dangit it worked the first time but the graphics did not render fast enough, now I clicked something else inside the thing and aaaaaah,


*dies crying*

Having to work with ... it seems to be the worst I've had to use so far.

Send a patchmail to a discourse instance and see how fast you'll be blocked!

18.04 LTS also does not come with w3m installed

Seriousely Canonical?

18.04 LTS does not come with curl installed.

Are you serious, Canonical?

write a implementation that gives rust-like error messages.

Irgendwie ist so ein Tool das man als Student total feiert und voll gut darin wird es zu benutzen ... und sobald man in "der echten Welt" ankommt, braucht man es nicht mehr.

I would love to attend a hacking weekend in

Maybe I should start one.

Maybe I should just rice my desktop to be really nice. Sad that there won't be nice effects with or ... so that using it actually looks nice rather than only functional.

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Sometimes I think about switching from a pro () to a normal distribution like or ... with ... because I don't want to have to configure my DE at all, I just want it to work and look and perform nice.

But then again, I'd be having open a lot of terminals anyways, using for email and for development... so there's really no point in driving a full-blown

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