@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org I have a problem. I think i'm addicted to the ronald memes from japan.

@brianl I just use basic html and do it from there. kind of web 1.0. Here my shameless plug. mushmouth.ca

@desvox that good. i don't want to be missing you for like months :)

@brianl i choice neither. jekyll and hugo are a pain in the ass to maintain.

@brianl good os too. dont have a machine which supports it sadly

The Memoirs of Catherine The Great

"Catherine II ruled Russia for many years. She also wrote her own memoirs, in a time when such writing was considered inappropriate for a monarch."


#Russia #history #CatherineTheGreat

@code macbook has a better saner terminal layout but it still lacks compared to linux/bsd or even dosbox.

@code im lucky i have more then one machine with different configuration and so when windows 10 stops working or is updating for ever i don't have to worry about it. but it is my gaming pc.

@code i hate how windows 10 esp is doing their service packs then breaking machine.

@code i find a lot of things it missing even with the ubuntu/linux sub system installed.

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