@code i honestly these days use linux more like a chroot env especially on windows. I barely touch the actual os anymore.

@mushmouth I personally just want a Lightweight OS. I'm tired of having to format/reset my Windows whenever it's starting to run slow


@code I meant to say it impossible these days.

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@mushmouth I could technically just yeet everything off my PC, throw it onto some Backup Server, and install Windows again. But I honestly cba to spend an entire day just for that

@mushmouth It's especially annoying when you literally cannot leave your PC because it'd boot into a different OS.

I should probably change the Boot List in my BIOS

@code i hate how windows 10 esp is doing their service packs then breaking machine.

@mushmouth yeah. I'm honestly thankful that my Dad basically pushed a macbook onto me. It's so good -w-

@code im lucky i have more then one machine with different configuration and so when windows 10 stops working or is updating for ever i don't have to worry about it. but it is my gaming pc.

@mushmouth yeah same. When I code I use my MacBook. For watching YT or gaming I use my Win10 pc

@code macbook has a better saner terminal layout but it still lacks compared to linux/bsd or even dosbox.

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