@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org I have a problem. I think i'm addicted to the ronald memes from japan.

@brianl i choice neither. jekyll and hugo are a pain in the ass to maintain.

The Memoirs of Catherine The Great

"Catherine II ruled Russia for many years. She also wrote her own memoirs, in a time when such writing was considered inappropriate for a monarch."


#Russia #history #CatherineTheGreat

@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org didn't you follow me before?

@tomasino hey buddy finally got the france guy to finally get the gopher server to work on openbsd.

@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org Did i tell you my mom agreed to go to Japan with me one time in the summer? I plan to move their and remove my Citizenship of Canada. I'm trying to become a Computer Engineer over there.

@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org there a lot of satanic stuff with japan and mcd

@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org can you share me some more Ronald McD Japanese memes?

@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org am i the big cat or the one on top of you?

@snowdusk hey man sorry for hoping around a lot. I'm going to keep this mastodon.

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