Serious question that no one has answered well yet:

What is the reason to join one Mastodon instance over another? Is it literally just the rules/exclusions of each server?

I thought it was a matter of the "local" feed, but I've been advised to not bother with that and follow hashtags instead. What's the deal?

@mth otherwise users will have to either hope the insurance they choose is the best for them, hope they find the good users from other instances, or make multiple accounts to try different instances (as I have with here and octodon)

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As a new user, I feel like Mastodon is missing a killer feature that is between local and federated. The best would be an option to build a feed from any local instances I want, but I'd settle for just being able to follow individual instance local feeds

Instantly more engagement on this instance than on Still too early to tell what that actually means

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