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debating making a giant vga crt monitor cluster display, because boredom. theres like 30 working monitors on shelves in the back waiting to be recycled...

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Quick inventory today 💻 🖥️ 📱

Counting only smartphones and computers, I've got more than 50 CPUs... 😱

Recent ones: Apple M1, Intel i7
Oldest: Z80, 68040, 8086

The two ones on the pic are special:
- the AMD386 was running my first Linux PC
- the Cyrix MII created the first Mandrake

nice 386 computer, loaded with memory and a strange isa card. sadly its missing the cover...

found a couple of these tiny ascii terminals, there was even a catalog with them.

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This is ... 🤦
RT @GossiTheDog
Microsoft added Buy Now Pay Later into Edge (and so Windows 10 and 11 base OS), a thing which is known to be abused to harm people.

The tags on the post on Microsoft’s website say it all. Keep speaking out.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in @DesertBus this year. From those of you watching and lurking in the chat to titans dropping $20k in an auction, each and every one of you were vital in getting our total to that absolutely astounding $1.1 Million raised. I am truly humbled.

8051 Dev kit by cygnal. Not sure how common this brand of 8051 microcontrollers is, but a cool find if i can manage to find some ic's for it.

There was a garbage can at work full of old emergency lights. Duck tape flashlight complete.

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It’s time again to board the @DesertBus for Hope and raise some money for @CPCharity!

I’ll be on the Night Watch shift from 6pm to midnight Pacific time for the next week, starting tonight and rolling on until y’all stop donating!

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