Found a cool Toshiba laptop in the scrap pile, the main ac cord plugs right into the laptop. odd. 800 mb hard drive, it still boots to the original windows 95 install!

thic ic looks interesting but im not finding any info on what it is.

Found this tiny battery charger in the recycle pile with all the leads cut off. Put a new power cord and gator clips on it, it still works!

setting up a tiny dos packet radio computer.
Ka9Q net nos / jnos.

remember when norton software was actually worth the purchase price, and not just garbage bloatware that takes over your computer?

40 mb of memory and an intel overdrive. This thing must have cost a fourtune when new.

Repaired this z80 single board computer trainer, it works!

Picked up a pocket watch with CCCP on the face, yay it still works.

Picked up a awesome hp laptop with wacom pen! even came with the dock. needs a battery, but thats pretty cheap.

fixed up a gameboy dmg with a new clear blue shell, amber backlight kit and a lithium battery pack is next!

i have found a well preserved ibm system 34 and 36, i have a lot of moving to do! lots of books, and too many 8 inch floppy disks to fit in 1 car load!

All the modcomp computers, tapes, and books delivered safely to the texas computer museum! this was a 2 day drive by me from florida in a 16ft penske truck.

Found a microfiche film viewer and old ibm mainframe cpu assembly microfiche. still works!

Just picked up a mini IBM monocrome monitor, looks great connected to the portable!

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