Found a cool Toshiba laptop in the scrap pile, the main ac cord plugs right into the laptop. odd. 800 mb hard drive, it still boots to the original windows 95 install!

@mrbill0 Aah from the magic era of the mid-90s when laptop manufacturers were like "Yes! We can finally put power supplies inside our products!" but before the reality that there's still not a ton of room for heat dissipation or a battery sunk in.

@mrbill0 Not to mention the wonderful stability of American grid power. 🙄

@mrbill0 reminds me of the time I found a working Windows 98 Pentium 2 ThinkPad at a thrift shop for $5! But the dumb place wouldn't give me the very obvious power cable for the laptop, because it didn't have a "with cable sticker" on it. Ended up using a Chinese universal charger but it was faulty and ended up frying the laptop. Years later I'm still sad over killing it. rip thinkpad


sadness, seems those china universal adapters work great for quick tests... until they turn evil and kill something nice... been there, bummer.

@mrbill0 Never again will I trust a Chinese universal adapter, had the magic blue smoke come out and everything. Tried to fix the ThinkPad but it was really badly damaged. Live and learn!
Someday I would love to get a variable bench power supply, incredibly useful.

this is a massively overkill soulution, but i ended up using a variable bench power supply, cut the end off the universal china brick with all the laptop tips, and now i can power any laptop.... with a somewhat immobile boat anchor bench supply.

@mrbill0 ooh, I used to own a secondhand 410CDT back when I was a kid, that was a tough little thing

@mrbill0 I had a Toshiba Tecra from that era. 725 CDT maybe? It might have even been my first laptop. It looked remarkably similar to that one, same mouse buttons, same coloring, same key profiles, just as thick. I think it was wider. It was very much a kitchen-sink machine. I think it had an external power adapter though. Probably because it was a higher end machine and there was more stuff crammed in there. Pretty sure it had a modem. Can't recall if it had Ethernet too.

I had a dock for it that had ... everything. Another expansion bay for the laptop's removable floppy/CD port. A spot for a full sized desktop CD drive. Two or three card slots. At least one was ISA, I think there might have been one PCI? Serial port. P/S2 ports. I don't recall if it had integrated sound or not. But really, it had *everything.*

Oh, and I had a little snap-on trackball that attached to the side of the laptop if I didn't want to use the little pointing stick.

Somebody had obviously gone all out on it back when it was new. I don't even remember what happened to it now. I don't have it anymore.


Quite a machine! bummer you no longer have it. i have been wanting to run some kind of mastadon to radio...rtty or bbs packet radio bridge, this may be the laptop i use. i find myself wanting a 2nd serial port, something few of my old laptops have. ty for the details of your laptop, an interesting read!

@mrbill0 Nice, have a very similar old laptop from my dad here as an office decoration :)

@mrbill0 !!! this is almost the same model my family had. ours was a non-pro, 486dx4 75mhz, 500mb hd, no built-in sound card, etc.


id love to have a 486 laptop, still would be an awesome laptop.

@mrbill0 unfortunately we got rid of it a while back :-(

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